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Marilyn Pierce is a registered nurse who fought obesity and practiced unhealthy habits all of her life. In spite of trying every possible diet over many years, she still continued to be obese and very unhappy.  After her long and difficult marriage ended she found herself in a state of depression, feeling hopeless and completely defeated.

The Breakthrough

When faced with a scale that was close to 300 pounds, Marilyn needed help.   With friends to guide her, she made a shift in the way that she behaved and the way she thought.  Thus began the slow and steady climb out of the darkness of obesity toward a life of health and wellness.  Over the weeks and months and years that followed, Marilyn started gradually changing the habits that had kept her in darkness.  Slowly she began practicing a healthier lifestyle.

The Lesson

When happiness is dependent upon a number on a scale this will always lead to disappointment and failure.  By using the mind and body together to slowly change the way we move and think, we can begin to change the way we feel.  Only by first finding unconditional happiness, will be we able to maintain success in any endeavor.  Health and wellness are a side effect of positive thoughts and actions.  It's a life journey, not an end point.

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